Monday, September 05, 2011

i don't look to 14 year olds to show me how to behave

i don't look to 14 year olds to show me how to behave: not online, not anywhere. it's time we stopped excusing that shit online just because the Internet is so 'shiny and new' - it ain't either of those any more than the desktop computer or the mobile phone - and we ought to stop excusing people's lack of etiquette here just because aol dumped their trash all over the place in the mid-90s. the latest cars are new and shiny too, but we still expect people to follow road rules - even when the cops ain't watching.

i've had a computer and internet access and email for more than half my life. i've lived through the flame wars, the trolls, both kinds of hackers, irc, newsnet, muds, moos, the world wide web, second life, and so on. i was new to 'all this' once myself.

but a lack of 'tech savvy' or 'internet awareness' is not an excuse for anyone to be a dick online. being petty online stays there, for everyone to see, for a very long time.

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